About Me


Welcome to my blog, Marriage & Money. I’m a 30-year old girl (woman?) living in the Pacific Northwest and pursuing my PhD in scientific research. My main goal in starting this blog is to document my newlywed life and finances. My husband (Mr. M&M) and I got married on August 9th, 2014 and are working on creating financial goals, combining our finances, and paying off student loans.

We are both money-conscious, but being graduate students we don’t have a lot of take home income. We have made great progress in putting money in our emergency fund, and are now focusing our efforts on debt repayment. Our long term goals include saving for a house, planning out our travel budget for weddings and vacations throughout the year, and eventually saving enough money to begin thinking about having children.

Luckily for us, we only have student loans to pay off & have great credit scores (or so I think – more on that later) so I’m hopeful that we can make our goals and get through our first year as newlyweds without too many bumps in the road revolving around our personal finances! This blog is mean for me to document our spending habits, debt repayment, the random thoughts I have about personal finance and life, and keeping track of our progress towards our goals.

A few personal things about me: as I mentioned above I’m a graduate student pursuing my PhD in scientific research. We live in the Seattle area and love to go hiking, exploring, camping, eating out at restaurants, and cooking at home. Our area has a ton of great free activities which I’m trying to take advantage of to keep us within our budget.

Hopefully you enjoy my little corner of the internet, please feel free to chime in with any money or newlywed advice, I’ll take all the help I can get 😉


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