I love setting goals (and hopefully reaching them) so I thought I would broadcast some of ours for the world to see.  I’ll be updating this every quarter with (hopefully) a few more goals checked off the list:

  • Merge accounts  (October 2014)
  • Set up automatic savings plan
  • Reduce Comcast bill (November 2014)
  • Start saving any extra income (December 2014)
  • Begin selling items on ebay or Craigslist
  • Refinance student loans
  • Begin Continue student loan repayment – see our first payment here 
  • Cancel Comcast

Savings goals:

Emergency fund for 3 months of living expenses: Completed January 2014!

Putting money into a slow growth investment account: In progress

Saving for a house downpayment (30,000 to start): On hold until debt repayment is underway

Retirement: Hahahaha….

Debt repayment:

  • Stafford loan amount due: 100%
  • Graduate Plus loan amount due: 100%

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