The 60-40 Rule

A few days ago I mentioned that we follow the 60-40 Rule and think I should follow up on what that means for us as a newly married duo with student debt and savings goals, and how we came to this rule of ours. Everybody has their own way of managing money, and when you… More The 60-40 Rule

March Recap

March was a great month for us thanks to our tax refund and a bit of side money we made. Here’s how the month broke down: Debt repaid: $250 automatic student loan payment + $420 extra student loan payment = $670 towards loans. We set up an automatic payment plan for our Stafford and Graduate… More March Recap


What’s up friends! I kind of dropped off the face of the blog world there, partly due to a busy work schedule and the conscious choice to limit my social media, and partly because I haven’t felt super motivated to blog. I’ve still been following along with everyone else’s blogs though, and I’m ready to… More Recently