3 Money Lessons Learned From Destiny’s Child

As a child of the 80’s I really developed my musical tastes in the 90’s and 2000’s. So many CD’s were bought (Spice Girls, KC & JoJo, Ace of Base, TLC…the list of questionable music choices goes on and on) and above all else I absolutely loved my Destiny’s Child CD. Hearing those women sing such powerful songs made me feel incredibly empowered, and a lot of their lyrics were incredibly positive. Recently I’ve started listening to more 90’s hits at work and when Destiny’s Child came on I immediately started listening to every single album and realized that their lyrics are completely applicable to personal finance. I mean, a song about bills? That’s pure blogger gold! So here it is folks, the top Destiny’s Child songs that have a personal finance lesson in them….

Bills, Bills, Bills

At first we started out real cool
Taking me places I ain’t never been
But now, you’re getting comfortable
Ain’t doing those things you did no more
You’re slowly making me pay for things
Your money should be handling

And now you ask to use my car
Drive it all day and don’t fill up the tank
And you have the audacity
To even come and step to me
Ask to hold some money from me
Until you get your check next week

The genius of Bills Bills Bills is that it’s not the song that everyone thought it was when they first heard it. Boys my age were OUTRAGED that a woman would ask for you to pay her bills since they only listened to the chorus of the song (starting off with can you pay my bills?…). In reality the song is about a moocher who can’t pay their own bills and is sucking money out of Bey, Michelle, and Kelly. Everybody has met someone like that in their life and unfortunately a lot of relationships, romantic or otherwise, can end up with one person taking advantage of the generosity of the other. Don’t let the that happen & make sure you’re not coming into contact with a money leech! If you are just play them this song and slowly strut away.

Lesson #1: Don’t hang out with money leeches. 

Independent Women

The shoe on my feet, I’ve bought it
The clothes I’m wearing, I’ve bought it
The rock I’m rockin’, I’ve bought it
‘Cause I depend on me if I want it

The watch you’re wearin’, I’ll buy it
The house I live in, I’ve bought it
The car I’m driving, I’ve bought it
I depend on me, I depend on me

This one’s pretty obvious – financial independence is the be all end all. Even if you’re in a 50-50 relationship you should be contributing to the finances, and if you want something then go out and buy it for yourself, don’t wait around for someone to buy it for you. Make your own money, understand the value of what your money is worth, invest, save, and stay control of your finances.

Lesson #2: Financial independence is incredibly important 


Now that you’re out of my life, I’m so much better
You thought that I’d be weak without you, but I’m stronger
You thought that I’d be broke without you, but I’m richer
You thought that I’d be sad without you, I laugh harder
You thought I wouldn’t grow without you, now I’m wiser
Though that I’d be helpless without you, but I’m smarter
You thought that I’d be stressed without you, but I’m chillin’
You thought I wouldn’t sell without you, sold nine million

Survivor speaks to me on so many levels, even in terms of personal finance. My financial take away from this song is that even if you have debt, you will make it through. Don’t give up, don’t stop, work hard and pay down your bills (bills, bills…)! This one is especially apt for us since our student loans can often fell oppressive and stifling. Debt is THE WORST but I know that coming out on the other end debt free will feel so damn good.  In the end our side hustles and hard work will pull us through, and if Destiny’s Child can make it than so can we!*

Lesson #3: Don’t give up. Ever. Pay down that debt and get it out of your life.  

What were your favorite 90’s hits? Any DC fans out there?

*Full disclosure: I’m not saying we’ll bring in the cash $$$ like Destiny’s Child, but hey, those girls worked their butts off and now they’re all sitting pretty. Especially Bey, what a financial superstar she is.


10 thoughts on “3 Money Lessons Learned From Destiny’s Child

  1. I would like to request you do this for a bunch of the old 90’s stuff I listened to back in the day. Also, as I was reading the lyrics – totally singing along in my head 🙂


    I just lol’d so hard at this title. Oh Destiny’s Child, I feel like a pre-teen again. I’ve never thought of money in the context of 90’s pop lyrics… what does Britney Spears have to say about PF? (don’t answer that)

      1. I dunno – Budgets Are Sexy had a whole post about “Work, B*tch”… Though that’s not exactly the right era of when I think of Britney 🙂

  3. I never heard the rest of the “Pay My Bills” song, so that’s enlightening. I was never all that into Destiny’s Child. I think I missed the cutoff, since I’m about 6 years older than you. But the ’90s rock was pretty good, even the grunge stuff. Not sure if I have any favorite songs.

    What I *am* sure about is that it’s very depressing to now find those songs on the Oldies stations.

  4. I sort of missed the Destiny’s Child boat since I’m older, so I only know the most popular songs. Every time I see “Bey” I think of the SNL skit the “Beygency.” If you haven’t seen it Google it. It’s hilarious. I remember when The Sign was a popular song and it “spoke to me” because I had just broken up with someone who was going nowhere with their life. 🙂

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