The Registry Items We Use The Most

 A lot of the items we received for our wedding turned out to be some of our most loved kitchen and adventure items. I’m planning on doing a post about how we set up our registry and where we decided to register, but in the meantime I thought it would be fun to share the gifts we use almost daily, if not weekly. Some are practical, some are fun, and others are adventurous (snowshoes!). All in all I think we ended up with some pretty sweet lifelong treasures. Top Most Used Registry Items
We use a lot of the kitchen items every day, such as the flatware, kitchen knives, and coffee maker and I’m glad we decided to register for those more “boring” items. It’s so wonderful that our close friends and family gifted us with nice to have newer items in our kitchen that will last us years and years, and our coffee maker has been saving us a ton of money on coffee shop expenses. The rice cooker is another shining star. It’s so easy to use, can be programmed to turn on at any time of day, and will cook white, brown, and sushi rice as well as quinoa and other grains you stick in it. I know a lot of people come up with clever recipes for their rice cooker and would love to give it a shot. Right now we use ours to make vegetarian rice bowls, and usually set it in the morning to start cooking around 4pm. It keeps the rice warm for an additional 3 hours and then shuts off.
            Apart from our day to day items, I also love our wooden salad bowl for when we have friends over for dinner and the polka dot serving bowl for a variety of uses. The polka dot has been used for salads, pastas, popcorn, and chips and I break it out every chance I get since it’s such a fun piece. The Le Creuset are a timeless gift and I absolutely love all the bright colors they come in. So far I’ve made chili, soups, braised fish, and want to try baking bread in the dutch oven as well.
            Our fun items from our REI register include snowshoes that I’ve used twice this winter and a hammock we can’t wait to break out when the weather gets warmer! If you’re outdoorsy like us and have decided to register for your wedding, an REI registry is a super fun way for your friends to chip in on an item you wouldn’t normally buy yourselves. We are now ready for camping, hiking, and backpacking thanks to our registry and are super excited to go explore the outdoors with our friends.
           The last registry item that I don’t have above is our cast iron skillet. If I could point to the one pan I would use for the rest of my life this would be it. Of course, cast iron skillets need to be seasoned correctly, but other than that once they’re shining away they are good to go! I use it for almost everything – from sautéing, to pan frying, to stir frying, and yes, making cornbread. It has held up so well and will be a family heirloom I’ll pass down to my children. The one that we have is a Lodge cast iron but you can find these suckers for cheap at thrift shops and second hand stores. All you have to do is season it well with oil and heat a few times and it should be good to go.
 If you enjoy cooking, what’s the one kitchen item you couldn’t live without? And if you don’t (no shame!) what’s the one food you couldn’t live without?

4 thoughts on “The Registry Items We Use The Most

  1. Not getting to do a registry is one of the few things I regret about not being married 🙂 Even if I did marry at this point, I’ve bought most of what I would have registered for myself. I do need nice everyday dishes/flatware — maybe someday — but I’ve acquired most of the cooking stuff I want/need. Choosing just one item is REALLY hard though. Sheesh. I’d say my enameled cast iron dutch oven is the pot that sees the most use; I have a great Calphalon skillet that I also use a lot; a Victorinox chef’s knife. How could you choose only one of those things? A knife without a pot isn’t much good 🙂

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