What’s up blog-land! I’m currently sitting in my sweats catching up on Scandal. It’s one of my many guilty pleasures, I love that it allows me to shut my brain off for a few hours and focus on the hectic world of Olivia Pope.

Turns out she also has some pretty good financial advice.

Monday and Tuesday of this week was recruitment for the graduate program I’m in and as the student representative on the admissions committee it was my job to coordinate the transport of 21 candidates to and from each of their 5 interviews, around the Seattle area for tours and meals, and to act as a fire extinguisher for the two days everyone was in town. It was quite hectic and my body was extremely exhausted after everything, but it was also super fun to get to know all of the candidates and figure out who would work best in our program. I even get a vote on the committee, which makes me feel extra powerful 😉

One of the benefits of recruitment is the free food we get during those two days. Even better, Mr. M&M has recruitment for his program this week as well so this week we both get two free lunches and two free dinners – plus extra food to take home. Our grocery bill should be lower, but I also have to admit I bought lunch one day and have been buying coffees all week, so overall spending is most likely the same.

I’m still getting the hang of the whole planning-ahead and saving money thing, but I know I’ll get there. Already this month we’ve spent a lot less than in the past, and I hope that trend continues!

What are your weekend plans? I’m going to be sleeping a lot and doing a bit of work….so exciting!


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