I’m the worst personal finance blogger ever

This month has been hard. We went to a wedding in San Francisco, I had to pay the deposit for our apartment to the person who moved out, my tabs expired so I had to get those renewed, we just bought tickets to Brandi Carlile with the Seattle Symphony, I’ve been spending too much on eating out and groceries, we spent $400 on our couch that I put on my credit card, and in general I’ve been hiding from the mess of my finances. We also haven’t combined our finances yet since the banks are only open during the week when we both work or on Saturdays when we’re usually up to something else. And yes, I recognize that spending money on concert tickets, or even a couch, for that matter is financially irresponsible and most personal finance bloggers stay far away from those types of purchases, but I’m not the typical financial blogger and as a human being I actually do want to spend money on normal everyday items such as couches and the once or twice a year concert tickets.

But since this month (and every month since June) has resulted in credit card debt I could probably use  some real talk from my favorite gladiator Olivia Pope.

It’s all my fault, I mean that’s why it’s called “personal” finance. Nobody else is spending my money on couches or concert tickets, my credit card isn’t just magically racking up dollars in debt, the banks aren’t conspiring against us opening a joint account (or are they?). It’s just me not doing it.

My money be like…

Right now I think my main goal has to be to get my finances under control and to merge our accounts so that I don’t feel like I’m spending a ton of money on things for both of us. I keep thinking that we’ll combine our finances soon so it’s ok for me to pay for the tickets or the couch or the groceries, because in our minds our money is already shared. The thing is though, I don’t actually have access to his money so my credit card is going bananas while his is just chilling with no debt. We really need to combine our finances so I can easily transfer money to pay off our cards, and it will be fun to see our bank accounts explode at the beginning of the month.

Once we get our finances all matched up, cancel some bank accounts, and have a good grasp of cash flow in and out I’ll start budgeting (ugh).

I kind of hate budgeting. The idea of it is fun and all (look at how much we can save! think about all the trips we can go on! let’s buy a house!) but in reality the process of budgeting sucks. Especially with two people. I’m sure I’ll have a post about that sooner rather than later, but for now my number one goal is to combine our accounts and get a clear picture of our finances. And drink wine.


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