The 100 Things Minimalism Challenge

Recently I’ve noticed a lot of chatter about leading a minimalist lifestyle. The guys on my favorite (and only) financial podcast that I listen to, Listen Money Matters, did a show on it. Financial bloggers like to bring it up every month or so. Facebook friends are now getting into minimalism, decluttering, or organizing. Unfuck Your Habit is a popular website (that I seriously need to use) that gives you 20 minutes a day to get mundane tasks such as making your bed, cleaning out your spice cabinet, or getting ready for the next day. It’s a great way to start living the minimalist life while also getting those small chores done that nobody really wants to do. So when I saw the Minimalist Fun: 100 Things Challenge I figured I would weigh in.

Let’s start with the fact that I am not a minimalist in any way. I hoard things; there are always boxes full of computer cords, thank you and birthday cards, random arts and crafts, or makeup samples that follow me from home to home. I love my books. My wardrobe is simultaneously too small and too big. The number of shoes I own vs. the number of shoes I wear is hilarious. My kitchen is out of control, but to be fair, I actually use most of those things. This is what my desk at work looks like:



Yep, I’ve got three pairs of headphones on my desk and another one in my bag. Two of them don’t work so well, but rationale is that if I lose any I’ll still have (crappy) back-ups. There are also two cups on my desk, a huge pile of papers, and a bunch of things tacked up behind my computer that I never ever look at. So yeah, you can pretty much expect the same phenomenon in my home (except it is a lot more clean), and in my car. I’m almost certain I got this trait from my Mother who will hold onto things forever, and even has cooking magazines dating as far back as 1997. Breaking the hoarder habit is hard. There is a little bit of incentive, besides not totally freaking out when things get too cluttered or losing a precious item among the junk, which is making money off unused items. I hear about it all the time and kind of want in on the action. The guys over at Listen Money Matters even sell random crap like computer cords online and make a few extra bucks off of it.

Honestly, it doesn’t even seem that hard, I just think I’m being lazy. So my challenge to myself this month is to clean out my wardrobe in time for Fall, and to sell at least one thing online that I have been hanging on to. If I can make a little bit of extra money and make some space in our apartment I’d be stoked.



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