My First Hike of the Year

For the majority of my Labor Day weekend the hubs was out of town at a bachelor party, which meant that I busied myself cleaning up our apartment, moving boxes, organizing the kitchen, and generally playing the part of a housewife. Moving in together has been so fun, and I love getting to live with my husband. Cooking dinners together, doing laundry, watching reality TV, and all of those mundane things that will eventually turn into common chores we’ll loathe are so novel to us right now.

Saturday night I did haul my butt out of the house to go to a movie. My new family and I went to go see The Hundred Foot Journey and I loved it because it had all the elements of my perfect movie – cooking, a cute Indian boy (like mine!), romance, and comedy. I wouldn’t say it’s worth seeing in the theatre’s, but since my father in law treated me to it, I was definitely happy to go and watch it on the big screen.

It was a pretty low-key weekend, but I did get to go on an awesome 5.4 mile hike up to a glacial lake on Monday with my brother and sister-in-law and one of our friends. It was the first hike I’ve gone on all summer long, and while I definitely am feeling sore today, it was totally worth it and made me crave the outdoors even more. Up until now I’ve been hiking in my normal running shoes, but this hike would have been a lot easier if I had some sort of boots on. We were climbing over rocks for a lot of the hike, and the constant incline was really tough on my ankles, knees, and soles of my feet. REI just had their labor day sale and I ended up ordering these boots online – at 30% off I just couldn’t resist, and with their one-year return policy I felt comfortable knowing that if I ended up hating them I could always return them and buy new ones. Plus, we got a bunch of gift cards to REI and have a few things to return there from the wedding (if you’re into the outdoors I would definitely recommend registering there), so they didn’t cost me a dime.

photo (18)


The fact that I can drive an hour outside of the city and get to a place like that is amazing. I am so lucky to live in this beautiful state, and feel sorry for everyone who doesn’t – you all should seriously move here, it’s not as rainy as everyone makes it out to be. I swear.



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