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We officially tied the knot (twice!) on a beautiful sunny day in Seattle!

Since this is a small, anonymous, blog I’m not going to be sharing many wedding photos, but it was truly a spectacular day. I started bright and early with hair & makeup, then got changed into my sari by a flurry of Aunties, headed down to secretly watch my groom enter (by boat!), and started the Hindu ceremony. We had two ceremonies that day, and while it was quite warm out and the Hindu ceremony ran long, it was absolutely perfect and all of our guests said they had an amazing time. Looking back on it, these past 10 months of planning have been insanely stressful & crazy, and there are certainly things I would do over again, but overall it worked out beautifully and everyone had a blast. We shut the place down at midnight & some of our friends went our afterwards to grab drinks and continue the party. The hubs and I were exhausted but also super wired, so after gathering all of our stuff together and getting dropped off at the hotel we ordered pizza to our room, read all of our cards and notes in the guest book, and eventually became tired enough to go to sleep at 3 am. I can’t wait to see our professional photos and to finally get the last of our gifts put away.

Technically our marriage  became official today when I dropped off our marriage license and got my name changed on my driver’s license, which is simultaneously exciting & weird. There are still a few things I need to do like change my social security card, change my name with the IRS, and get a new passport, but for now that bureaucratic mess can wait.

This week we’re going to start combining finances, so I’m sure I’ll have lots to share regarding all of that jazz as well. So far living together has been awesome, and I cannot wait until we have a JCA and don’t have to split our grocery bill every time we’re at Trader Joe’s.

Hope you all had an awesome Labor Day Weekend, it’s crazy that summer is almost over!


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