Weddings Are Expensive

Nope, I’m not talking about my own wedding. I’m talking about other people’s weddings. It seems like everyone in my age group is getting married, which is awesome, but also can be pretty spendy when you add up all the pre-wedding activities, the clothes, and the gifts.

We recently went up to a wedding near the Canadian border (about an hour and a half north of Seattle) and spent two nights up at the resort where our friends were getting married. To save some cash we split the room with two of our close friends, but the total cost ended up being $143.26 for me alone. My fiance is also in the wedding, and had to BUY A SUIT for the big day. This wasn’t just any old suit, it was a fancy suit that cost him over $400. The groom didn’t give any other options besides buying; he didn’t even suggest that suits could be rented. So my fiance (I’m going to start calling him A from now on, fiance is so lame), had to pony up the $400 and will be returning the suit after the wedding. This means he didn’t alter it, even though the sleeves are too long, but I’m sorry, spending that much money for one day when you are 1 of 8 groomsmen is ridiculous. Thankfully, the groom gave him a check for $200, which was incredibly generous and took a load off of A’s back. But still, $400 for one day? That’s cray.

A is also a best man in a wedding in San Francisco in September, so we’ll be flying down for that. The cost of a round trip ticket for one person was $198.00, which really wasn’t that bad since we’re flying in on a Thursday and out on Sunday night. Luckily we both have a lot of family in the area so we’ll stay for free, and A is wearing his wedding suit to this wedding since the colors match ours! It’s been a lot easier to plan and pay for this wedding already, and we’re thankful that we have friends who understand that not everybody can afford the lavish wedding you want to have.

Both sets of couples will be getting a gift, although I’m not sure how much to spend. Right now I’m thinking $50-100 because a) we’re spending quite a bit of money to attend the weddings and b) we will have just gotten married ourselves and are trying to save money on extra spending related to moving in together and furnishing our new home.

I’ve also tried to be super aware of how much money our bridal party is spending for our wedding. We’ve tried to limit the amount everyone is spending on attire, and have already provided sari’s for the Hindu ceremony for free, paid for part of the bridesmaids dresses, are limiting the amount of pieces the suit rentals require, have offered our apartments to family or friends to stay in for a couple of nights, and will be giving everyone a gift or two as a thank you for being in our wedding. Everything still adds up no matter what kind of wedding you’re attending, but at the very least I think the bride and groom can work within everyone’s budgets. After all, the day isn’t only about them, but also their family friends who are there to support and love them.


What’s the most you’ve spent on a wedding? Do you always buy a gift for the couple, and how much do you usually spend?




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