Life Lately

Well, I for sure thought that once my exam was over I would be blogging multiple times a week.

Nope! Hahaha, how foolish was I? In the last month I’ve had a ton to do, mostly revolving around wedding planning, but with a lot of fun stuff thrown in there too. This summer has already flown by and we are T-23 days until the big day, which is simultaneously frightening and exciting.

photo (3)


Here’s a short recap of the few things I’ve been up to in photo collage form (from the upper left):

1. Visited the site we’re getting married. Living in the Pacific Northwest definitely has its perks, and one of them are fantastic wedding locations. We really lucked out with our spot, which is right on Lake Washington and has gorgeous views of the surrounding mountains. Walking around the ceremony site definitely made it real!

2 + 3. Exercise. Since I want to look as awesome as possible on our wedding day (no pressure, right?) I’ve been actively exercising and eating better. Right behind my building are sets of stairs that are used by those who walk to work and those who want to kill themselves running up sets of steep stairs. The craziest of them all are the people training to hike Mount Rainier. You can easily spot those weirdos since they’re the ones in full on hiking gear with huge backpacks of 60+ pounds or more. Recently I’ve been strength training and actually love it, hopefully I can keep it up even after the wedding.

4. Attending weddings this summer has been awesome. We got to go on a little mini weekend getaway up near the Canadian border since A was in a wedding up there. It was great because we got to go to the rehearsal dinner, the wedding plus reception, and an awesome breakfast brunch the day after. Plus, the weather was pretty good and we had a great time catching up with friends and partying at the resort. I also walked away with a few ideas of what I liked or what I would want to change for our day.

5. Drinks. All the free time = all of the fun drinks.

6. Seattle has been having some AWESOME weather lately, which translates to long evenings outside in the park and fantastic sunsets. Summer is the best.

7. Campfires. I cannot wait to go camping. We’ve been so busy with everything right now, but I’m hoping we can fit in a few trips at the end of August or even in September.

8. Watercolors. I’ve recently taken up watercolor painting and love it. So far I’ve discovered my main inspiration are flowers.

As far as finances goes – I’m failing hard at saving and not spending. Weddings are seriously expensive, and although my parents are paying for the majority of the wedding, I’m still spending a lot of money on our rings, my personal bling, bridesmaids gifts, beauty products, and small things that add up. We also need to get serious about combining our finances and I have to figure out how easy it will be for me to change my name. The great thing is we have decided I’ll move in to A’s apartment, and I have time this weekend to throw out a bunch of crap I really don’t need, so our move should be relatively easy.

That’s all for now! My goal is to update this blog more regularly and also be honest with myself and my readers about how I’m doing with my spending. Only 3 more weeks to go!


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