A Weekend of Freedom

I had a great weekend of freedom!!!! It feels awesome to be done with my exam and to actually have the time to do fun and not-so-fun things with my free time. On Saturday I got my blood pumping by running a few sets of stairs before heading to our wedding venue to meet with my parents and the wedding coordinator about the menu and a few other details. The stairs were killer, but I felt great getting some exercise in before chowing down on Indian food made by the chef at the venue. My fiance, “A” is Indian, so we’re having a Hindu and Western ceremony, and also want to reflect both of our cultures during the reception.

photo (3)


After the wedding business was taken care of I went to get a facial. Last month I had gone in order to prep my skin for wedding day makeup, and to make sure I got some good advice about protecting my fair skin in the sun and to learn about preventing those fine lines from appearing too early. I’m turning 30 this year and want it to be my healthiest, best year yet, which includes taking better care of my skin! However, the $110 price tag just isn’t worth it to me to do again. Sure, my face feels good afterwards, but those effects only last for another 24 hours. I’m sure if I was Mrs. Moneybags I would see a difference after multiple sessions, but alas, I am not rolling in the dough and have many more expenses that I’m going to be spending my money on as the wedding gets even closer.

My relaxing spa session was followed by the discovery that one of my tires was super flat and needed to be repaired, which turned into me replacing 3 of my 4 tires. The tires hadn’t been changed since 2007 when we bought the car new, and really needed to be replaced so I bit the bullet and went ahead with it. The fourth tire is about a year old, and I’ll probably get it changed soon too, but they only had 3 of the “economy price” tires so I went with those. I’m definitely going to feel much safer driving in the rain now, and am glad I did it before the summer gets away from me.

Sunday included more exercise, with a run around Greenlake with a few of my classmates, followed by the Mariner’s game with my Dad and sister. My Dad scored us awesome tickets, and even bought me a veggie dog!

photo 2      photo 3

photo 1


The Mariner’s won, and we had a great time sitting in the sun eating frozen yogurt and salted peanuts. One of the ways I save money at the ballpark is eating outside of the stadium, and bringing in an empty water bottle to fill once we get inside. The veggie dog wasn’t cheap at $5, but it was less expensive than it would have been in the stadium. We bought a few waters for $1 a piece that  drank and then brought into the stadium empty to fill up using the drinking fountains.

Now it’s back to work, but with a four-day workweek and a trip out of town this weekend I know these next two days are going to fly by fast!


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