Paying for Cable

As I get closer to the end of my single-girl life and start to think about living with my soon-to-be husband in August, I’ve been slowly accounting for all of the expenses we have together. One of them is cable, which he pays for and I watch. I love me some Kardashians, Real Housewives, and Top Chef, and he loves all things sports and Discovery Channel, so the cable is used nearly every day and right now seems like a necessity.

However, I do understand that I am a) not as rich as the Kardashians, b) going to be spending a lot of money on moving expenses and wedding “necessities” in the next few months and c) should probably cut back where I can to save a few extra dollars so that one day I can be as rich as the Kardashian klan….or at least a little more comfortable than I am now on a graduate student stipend.

But, here’s the thing. I don’t want to live like a poor graduate student and I struggle with that nearly every damn day. I mean, it sucks that we have to stretch our rent budget a little bit to get an apartment that isn’t a bug-infested crap hole without a dishwasher. Also, it’s going to be so weird when we get a bunch of nice gifts from our registry and then stick them all in our 1 bedroom apartment. I know they are lifetime gifts, and that I will actually use the Kitchen Aid stand mixer frequently, but would I rather have a bigger place, unlimited cable, and view of the lake to go along with it? Of course I would.

So basically the point of the post is this: I don’t know what to give up or what to keep. We have student loan debt, but it isn’t outrageous, and other than that we both have a good chunk of savings, and will probably be able to live pretty comfortably for a while even when making payments towards our debt. The thing I struggle with is how much we want to, or should, give up in order to get rid of the debt and start to truly save for our future home. In about two years we’ll both be graduating and hopefully will be landing jobs that pay a little bit better than what we make now. But at the same time we’re going to start thinking about having kids, and man alive, those things are expensive.

I have a feeling this is going to continue to be an internal struggle for me. Should we continue to pay for the luxuries we’ve grown accustomed to, or should we cut back now in order to reap the benefits later? The bottom line is that obviously, my husband and I will figure this out together, but for right now I feel like I’m in a constant state of “save all of the money! spend all the money! save all the money!”

What would you do? To cable or not to cable?



2 thoughts on “Paying for Cable

  1. Well don’t judge me, because we still have it but we are cutting it soon, so my recommendation is no cable. So much on TV is junk. I find if you watch less TV you have more time for exercise and reading. Make it an experiment and don’t have it and see how long you can go without it. BTW I am kind of a RH fan too but my fav is THE LITTLE COUPLE.

    1. No judgement here! I think what we’ll end up doing is forgoing cable in our new apartment for a while – we won’t even have a TV – so hopefully we will become accustomed to Netflix and free shows on network sites, and the problem will be solved! The Little Couple are too cute, I love how much love they share for each other!

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