Well hello there

I know, I know….bad blogger here. To be fair, I have been studying like mad for a huge exam I have to take on Wednesday that will result (or not…eek!) in my PhD candidacy. It’s an oral exam – 3 hours long – and focuses mainly on my thesis project, but I can also be asked a bunch of other random questions so I’ve been going crazy trying to cram information into my head.

Studying also translates to buying breakfast, lunch, and sometimes dinner out. I’ve been terrible with my spending lately, but honestly, I need to pass this exam and after that I’ll have a lot more flexibility in my day-to-day life. A big excuse, I know, but I’m fine with it for now & haven’t been overspending so it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make for a few weeks. The first thing I want to get done is to clean up my room, clear out all my old clothes (perhaps sell some?), and get my life organized. Cooking is also going to be a huge priority. Lucky for me I love to cook and go grocery shopping; there’s something about getting all my groceries together for the week, looking through my cookbooks, and experimenting with new healthy foods.

One of my biggest areas of extra spending is eating out and buying little coffees, snacks, or small meals that add up quickly in a month. My goal for July is to curb that spending, and to try to save a little bit for our mini moon! I’ll write another post about that later, but long story short, we’re going away for a few days with the goal of relaxing after the wedding fun is over with.

4 more days until normal life resumes!


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