I just want to spend money on chocolate

Today is one of those days where all I want to do is buy quick, convenient, sugary foods and not think once about how that will affect my food budget or waistline. I’ve been dealing with pretty terrible lower back pain for the past two weeks, and know that my intense craving for chocolate is directly related to my desire to feel comforted and pain-free.

However! I am going to persist through the rest of the day, drink the free tea near my desk, and eat dinner at home and abstain from going down to the cafe in my building to buy an afternoon coffee & cookie…like I did yesterday. For me, a treat every once in a while is necessary, especially when my hormones tell me to find chocolate or perish, which is why I was particularly thrilled to come across this post on indulgences over at Girl Meets Debt. Everyone has their own version of indulgences, and for me it’s definitely small treats in the form of chocolate. Without these small treats I’d go crazy and eventually spend hundreds of dollars on cookies, reese’s, chocolate bars, mounds bars, and the like. I swear, I’m not 300 lbs, but that’s because I treat myself every once in a while instead of trying to adhere to a super strict  and unrealistic budget.

I also think my laziness, or, ahem, lack of preparedness, contributes to my food spending. My fiance & I live apart but spend the night at each other’s apartments nearly every single night, and last night we were at his house where there is currently an empty fridge. Luckily, I live close to where I work & dragged my butt out of my chair to go home & prepare lunch for myself. I seriously sat at my desk for a good half an hour going back and forth in my head about whether I should go downstairs to grab a quick & convenient lunch, or if I should go home to save the $7. My frugal self won, as shown in the proof below, but it wasn’t an easy battle today. Therefore, I need to stop being so lazy and make my lunch the night before so that when I am lazy at work I can stay lazy.



Hopefully my back starts to feel better and I won’t be craving sugary foods to soothe my soul. I made a physical therapy appointment for Tuesday & have been popping ibuprofen all day, so maybe it will magically start to heal. In the meantime I’m going to continue to fight my inner laziness that craves chocolate and keep on making healthy budget & food choices.


What are your indulgences? How do you fight your lazy self?



3 thoughts on “I just want to spend money on chocolate

  1. Lower back pain is the worst. Hope you feel better soon! I’m still figuring out how to fight my lazy self but I find that cooking a bit more for dinner to use as lunch leftovers helped me immensely. P.S. happy to hear your frugal self won out that day. 😉

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